Slot Punches- Which one is best for you?

Slot punches are useful tools that can make consistent holes in ID badges so that the badges can be worn. The slot punch makes it easy to attach the ID card via a clip, badge clip, or other attachment to your belt. The punch is accurate in punching a card every time. It will not cause the card’s to split like other methods.

Because there are many choices, it can be difficult to pick the right slot punch. While they can be used to punch a small number of badges, it is not practical for many cards. The electric version of slot punches is the highest end option. This punch is popular in large companies that have multiple badges. The punch is consistent, easy to perform and always on hand. This punch has a foot switch so card punching is as easy as a single foot press. There are two versions of the punch, a standard model and one that is heavy duty for more demanding jobs.

The table top punch punch is the best for punching large amounts of holes. The punch is simple and reliable, giving consistent results year after year. This punch is ideal for medium to small businesses that need heavy card printing.

These slot punches can be used by hand and are very easy to use. This punch works well for the occasional badge-maker. This punch is not suitable for making multiple badges at the same time. With a large punching job, it is difficult to physically repeat the use of this punch.

Staple style slot punches look similar to a stapler. They are placed on a table and pushed towards the desired card hole. You can use the punch for multiple purposes.

Many specialized slot punches can do multiple functions. Depending on the job requirement, some punches may create a round hole and/or a slot. The slot punch is often able to turn the corner of the card. This ensures that the card does not have sharp edges or rough edges. These punches are known as three in a single slot punches.

The following questions can be used to determine which punch is best for your group:

1. How many ID cards will you print at once?
2. What size of slot punch do I need?
3. What are your needs?
4. What is your budget

The durability and longevity of slot punches makes them an excellent investment. You can produce the whole system in one place with the included slot punch. This includes the ID card software, printer and camera as well supplies and attachments.

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